Covid-19 outbreak is now affecting all lives in the UK and globally.  As we adopt a strategy of social distancing, it will take time to readjust and manage this new way of life which can sometimes feel like being in a trench just waiting for relief. Below are a few suggestions to help the transition on a daily and weekly basis.  

Remember the TRENCHES guide to help with your mental health.









Thanks.for the good things.​

It would be easy to focus only on the worry and anxiety that comes with uncertainty.  Try practicing giving thanks each day for what is great in your life at the moment.  You could pick 2 or three things a day to write in a journal or try writing on an arty  wall chart and involve the family, especially if you have children.



Having. system will help with a semblance of structure and order in what can seem uncertain times.  

It would be easy to slip into not having any routine around personal care and daily habit.  Consider what you can achieve during this time and build a schedule around it.   Many will still be expected by employers to continue to work ‘as normal’ from home which will help with a sense of routine.  Beyond this consider exercise, reading, meditation and creative art.


There is no doubt that being indoors is going to cut your chances of exercise.  Try planning a set time in the day to do a home work out.  There are great online videos for exercise and associated modes like yoga and stretching.  The government (at time of writing this) has also supported exercise outdoors, although restricted and measured.  Check the government website for information. 


Getting light and air

It may be difficult to get connected with nature when you are stuck at home.  It is important to keep connected to the ‘real world’ as you experience distancing.    If you don’t have a garden consider sitting by a window with it open or the door to read or meditate.  Have some indoor plants arranged in a room you use a lot. 


Contact with others

Ensure you do not feel mentally and emotional distanced from others.

Although you are physically distanced, with technology there is no reason why we cannot hear and see each other.  This may also be an important point to plan into a schedule… a regular time to speak with loved ones.



Having a small project or even a large project to work on, can create a consistence focus at home.  Having a chance to take up a new hobby (or taking on the one stuck at the back of the cupboard) may give you a sense of direction and achievement.  

Encourage others

When we take the time to help others in their lives, we can shift the focus from our own worries.  This may be helping someone vulnerable with shopping, keeping a regular contact with someone isolated, helping create a schedule for a healthy routine... there are so many ways to support the people around us as they support us.

Self Care

This is an unprecedented and bizarre time.  You will be adjusting in so many ways to the environment and new way of life.  Be kind to yourself as you face emotions, anxiety and stress.  Take time out to be with the feelings and experience and identify ways that allow you to function well. 

I wish you the best as you adapt to this way of life.

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