Originating in Asia, Gongs are used mainly in religious and meditation practices.  Sometimes they would be used to announce or mark a special event or arrival..  An ancient instrument (the oldest known gongs being over 5,000 years old) are now made in a nickel, silver and bronze alloy to create a sustained resonance when played.

Over the last number of decades the Gong as been further developed in the West to be tuned in various ways based on frequencies.

How is a Gong song organised?

Often called a Gong bath, lying on your back, relaxed (savasana position in yoga) you receive the beautiful sounds washing over you.  The sound vibrates the cells at a molecular level in the body, the mind begins to let go and the energy facilitates our connection with higher Self.

This can help with meditation and relaxation leaving you feeling relieved and relaxed by the end.


Who comes to Gong song?

Anyone over the age of 18 can come to my events.  You may be a student doing exams, a teacher under pressure, a city professional having long weeks, a mother needing some me-time.  Whatever your path in life, Gong can be a beautiful and memorable experience.

You can wear what you like, as long as you feel comfortable.  I ask everyone to bring their own mat to lie on (like a foam or yoga mat) and a small blanket to keep warm.

I also use the sound of Gong during therapeutic interventions to facilitate the inner-work of my clients.  If you are considering working with me on a one to one level, please mention your interest.

I trained with the Gong Master Mark Swan.  His experience and connection to Gong and related fields in wellness and self-discovery, was an amazing experience that taught me to listen, respect and honour the power of Gong. I am immensely grateful to him for passing this on to me.