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Feeling down?  Waking up exhausted?

Depression can rob us of much ... but there is hope. 

Depression is on the increase.  The reasons could be many, but what is for sure is that the debilitating way depression affects people is incredibly damaging.  If you are experiencing depression and are seeking help, a more focused therapy can be offered.  Read on for more information. 

When you experience depression, it can rob you of the feeling that anything will ever improve.  A loss of energy, hope and enjoyment are common features of living with depression.

Depression can feel like a bit like a life-sucking octopus, draining your life-energy and squeezing you. 

When we get an insight into how depression works and what it needs to attach its suckers to, we can begin to gain control over it and allow space for hope to return. 

I blend my training to treat depression, aiming to make change a short-term vision for those who experience it. 

Beginning with understanding why your feeling depressed is the first step.  Together we will explore the levels of stress you are experiencing which of course can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. 

We can then begin to learn relaxation techniques, vitally important for the busy mind.  As you will know, it can be very difficult to focus on too much when depression is so close, relaxation will help with further learning and understanding what is happening to you, and importantly, how to manage it. 

Depression doesn't lift over one session, but I would like to think that in 1-2 sessions you will feel different.  

In working together and learning new insights, we will aim to reduce worry, problem-solve stress, understand relationships and consider thinking styles.  When you finish therapy you will be in a better place to understand depression, manage it and keep it from attaching its suckers again. 

There is hope in recovering from depression. 

Get in touch to set up a session.

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