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This section is for those directed here to get more information on an open research project. (best viewed on a computer)

Exploring Sibling Identity after Suicide: A Heuristic Inquiry

How does the experience of losing a sibling to suicide transform an individual’s understanding of self, relationship and meaning in life?

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I am a doctoral candidate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy.  For my doctoral dissertation, I am conducting a research project to explore identity and life course development through two meetings after someone has lost a sibling to suicide.

I myself have lost a sibling to suicide, prompting this research from a personal perspective.


Losing anyone in to suicide is a painful and complex experience.  When a sibling dies, a special and unique bond is lost and leads to a major readjustment in life. 

How and what will happen?

I will ask you to attend an online video call where I will ask some questions about your experience.  There is no right and wrong in this, it is simply a space to share how you experience the impact of losing a sibling to suicide.


This will be transcribed (written-up in words) which will be shared with you to verify or amend. 


We will then meet again to produce a creative piece.  This will be a montage which is very straight forward, and like before, there is no right and wrong.  Montage is taking various images and items to create a new picture that tells a story or shares ideas. 

Find a video explanation here to help.

These two meetings will be repeated with several other people and then used as 'data' for analysis and main write up. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Other important information

  • Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary; you may withdraw at any time within the first 3months from 1st interview. If you wish to withdraw, just inform the researcher.

  • Your participation in this study is entirely confidential anonymous and your identity will not be stored with your data.


  • All gathered information will be locked away securely and encrypted password protected technology will be used. 


  • Once the completed article/dissertation is completed all related documents and recordings will be destroyed.

  • Ethical approval has been received from the University to conduct this research.


All research includes criteria to ensure a good fit between the topic of study and those who are included.  Please read below for this essential criteria, all participants must; 

  • Have lost a sibling to suicide

  • More than 5 years ago

  • Willing and able to describe their sense of identity

  • Be able to speak fluent English

  • Be willing to be recorded

  • Not be under the care of a mental health professional or have any severe mental health condition.

Thank you for your consideration in taking part.
I am happy to answer any questions just drop me an email on


Send me an email at

I will arrange a quick call with you to answer any questions.

We will have our first meeting online (60-90mins).

We will arrange a second meeting to organise the creative piece.

I will arrange to send you your contribution to confirm/amend.

Art Montage

Montage (for the second interview) is the collecting and rearranging of different images to create a new and meaningful image.  It is very straight forward process for this research project and does not need to be a perfectly formed, peice of art.  The video here explains a little more about the second meeting in the research of identity after sibling suicide.

Thank you for your consideration in taking part.
I am happy to answer any questions just drop me an email on

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